About K. Mennem

K. Mennem began his career as a journalist and photographer covering the Mexican drug war in 2006. He has since worked on numerous projects across the American Southwest, Mexico, Central America, and South America. K. predominately covered the drug war and the atrocities that come with it, yet has evolved into a well rounded journalist covering other topics like travel and politics. As a former Division 1 college athlete, Mennem also covers sports.

K. has worked with journalists from Al-Jazeera, CNN, and Fox News on breaking stories. He also has contributed to the San Diego ReaderElite DailyBorderlandBeat.comNewsOK, and many other publications. K. continues to maintain his popular blog with extensive information on drug trafficking across the Western Hemisphere. 

Mennem's work has been referenced in documents by The Department of Homeland Security, The Trans-Border Institute, and the Virginia Military Institute, as well as in multiple published books.

Mennem maintains an online photo portfolio with shots from his travels. His personal interests include enjoying and photographing street art, tattoo culture, and cigar culture

International cell +52 1 656 126 3864